8 Benefits of Being Picky in Relationships


At the age of 23 you’d think by now I’d have some legitimate dating experience, but the truth is I’ve only had one boyfriend. Okay, I’ve technically had three but the first one was a short fling when I was fifteen and the other one barely lasted two weeks. And so, I’ve had one boyfriend.

During my many years of being single, countless guys have asked me out on dates and I’ve said yes to nearly all of them (unless he was creepy or I really just wasn’t attracted to him). I figure, why not give him a shot- he had the guts to ask me out, I’ve got nothing to loose by saying yes.

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10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Goals

I know I’m not the only one who has days when I want to do nothing besides waltz around in my pjs, indulge in the finer things in life (aka pizza and ice cream), and binge watch my favorite TV shows until Netflix asks, “Are you still watching?”three different times. Sure, I might have planned on getting groceries and going to the gym, but the new Season of Orange is The New Black was just released and it’s too good to pass up.

But, like all parties, this one eventually comes to an end, and it’s usually when Netflix guilt trips me into being productive. So, I get up off the couch, sluggishly make coffee, check my email, get in the shower, make breakfast, call my mom, and do a hundred more things until it’s three hours later and I still haven’t actually accomplished anything. This is called lack of motivation, my friends, and I am not proud of it.

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Skin Care That Really Works

I am a total skin care fanatic, so when I got the chance to try a new product I was all in! I’m always on the hunt for new skin care lines I love, but trying them out can make me nervous. Sometimes new products don’t always agree with my skin, especially if I make a dramatic change rather than slowly introducing them into my daily routine. I’ve had serious issues in the past with new products causing breakouts, black heads, dry skin, irritation, and everything in between.

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20 Quotes 20-Somethings Need to Hear

Being in your 20s is an exciting and challenging time. So many changes are happening all at once and sometimes it feels impossible to do everything that is expected of you. Not only are you adjusting to living on your own, navigating different careers, and disovering what you’re passionate about, you are also still figuring out who you are.

Taylor Swift got it right in her song “22” when she says, “We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.” Does it get any more accurate than that?! Sometimes it feels like I’m on an emotional roller coaster and for those of you who are on the same ride, here are 20 quotes that you need to hear:

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7 Reasons To Clean Your Makeup Brushes More Often

Being a girl is hard sometimes. We have to deal with hair, makeup, nails, and high heels which requires a lot of work and time commitment. In case you were wondering, no, I did not wake up like this. My mornings are crazy enough trying to juggle getting ready with remembering to eat breakfast, drink enough coffee, and plan out my day, and more than likely a few of these things will get forgotten in all the madness. The one thing I always struggle to remember is cleaning my makeup brushes.

I will go weeks, sometimes even months (gross, I know) with out cleaning them because time slips away from me and honestly, it’s the last thing on my mind. Eventually my skin breaks out, looks oily, and shows streaks of foundation under my eyes, at which point I wonder, “When was the last time I cleaned my  brushes?”

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6 Summer Salad Recipes To Excite Your Pallet

Salads are often labeled boring, bland, and not filling enough. When I used to hear the word salad I pictured a bowl of lettuce with a few tomatoes, maybe some onions, and too much dressing. If it came down to that or a burger, I would always choose the burger because burgers cure hunger pains and they taste amazing (also life is too short to not indulge on the good stuff). But a salad is more than just a bowl of lettuce. It can be flavorful, rich, sweet and tangy, or spicy, and I was on a mission to find the best salad recipes out there. Turns out, there’s more than just one! Here are six of my favorite salads I’ve found so far:

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