How to Create a Beautiful “About Me” Section in Your WordPress Sidebar

Having an About Me section in your sidebar is essential because it gives people a snapshot of who you are and what your blog is about. Not only does it add a personal touch allowing people to see the blogger behind the content, but visitors are more likely to stay and take a look around. This post goes over exactly how to create a beautiful About Me section for your sidebar and how to write the perfect caption to go along with it.

*Intended for WordPress self hosted sites, but steps may be applicable to other web design platforms as well.


1. Using Canva to Create a Circular Image

The very first step in creating a beautiful About Me section in your sidebar is first choosing an image and designing a template for it. Canva is a great resource for this! Head over to and create a free account if you don’t already have one. This is one resource I am consistently using to format blog images!

Step 1: Create a 400 x 400 pixel custom template

Once you’ve created an account, it’s time to create a design. Click on use custom dimensions in the top right corner (as pictured below) and enter 400 x 400 in the specifications. Make sure it’s set to pixels instead of inches or millimeters.



Step 2: Insert a circular frame

Once your template is set up, you’ll want to make the image circular so it fits in nicely with your site and template design. (Note: your template doesn’t have to be circular, but I think it looks the nicest). To do this, click on the elements tab on the left side of the screen, as circled below, then click on frames.


Scroll down a bit until you find the circular one, and drag it into the white box on the right hand side. Make sure the circle is centered and is not cut off on the edges.



Step 3: upload your photo and center accordingly

The next step is to upload the image you want to appear in your About Me section. For this you’ll want it to be a professional head shot that matches the color theme and aesthetic of your website. Simply click on the green bar to the left of the template to upload your image, then drag and position in the circular frame. Don’t worry about the white edges, as these will be invisible on the white background of your website.



Step 4: download and save your design as a PNG

Once you are satisfied with the position of your image, click on the download button in the upper right corner of the screen and download as a PNG file (JPEG works fine for this as well). Save the image somewhere easy to find on your computer- you will need it for the next step.




2. Converting image to HTML using Flickr

To upload your new image to WordPress, you’ll need to convert it to HTML using, a free image hosting site.

Step 1: Create an account and upload your Canva image

Once you’ve created your free account, click on the cloud icon in the top right corner of your screen to upload the image you just designed using Canva. Follow the images below for exact steps on how to do this.





Step 2: Export as HTML

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, click on it then find the arrow in the bottom left corner of your window.



This will pull up the code to embed on your WordPress site. Make sure the tab on the white window is on “embed” and choose your thumbnail size. I like the small 320 x 320 pixel size, but you can try different sizes to figure out what works best with your site! Once you’ve selected embed and the size you’d like, copy the code that is highlighted in blue and head over to WordPress to complete your About Me section!




3. Uploading to WordPress

On your WordPress dashboard, find the “Appearances” button in the left column of your screen and click on “Widgets.” Essentially, the widgets page is broken into sections of your site, one of which is your sidebar.



Locate the “text” widget and drag it to the sidebar section. Here, you can position widgets in the order of which you’d like them to appear. I find it most effective to place your About Me section at the top because it is visually appealing and readers know immediately what you and your site are all about.




Remember that code you copied from Flickr a few steps back? Collapse the text widget and click on the tex tab in the top right corner. Paste the code, click save, then click back to the visual tab. Your circular image should appear!




The final step is to write a short blurb about yourself. Introduce yourself, tell your readers what your blog is called, what it’s about, and what they should expect to take away from it. You can type this straight in underneath the picture- your built in theme should already have it formatted to match the rest of your site!



Now your About Me section in your sidebar is completely finished! Click save and head on over to your website to see it in action.

How does your About Me Section look? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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