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I am a total skin care fanatic, so when I got the chance to try a new product I was all in! I’m always on the hunt for new skin care lines I love, but trying them out can make me nervous. Sometimes new products don’t always agree with my skin, especially if I make a dramatic change rather than slowly introducing them into my daily routine. I’ve had serious issues in the past with new products causing breakouts, black heads, dry skin, irritation, and everything in between.

Nonetheless, I decided to take the plunge and ditch my previous skin care for Dermatologist’s Choice, and I fell in love with it! They sent me a personalized package for my skin issues which I described as acne, redness, and oily skin. The package came with four products:

  1. pH Balance Cleanser $25
  2. Facial Toner $23
  3. Sunscreen Enhanced Moisturizer $28
  4. Mild Acne Lotion $21



Each product is an all natural Glycolic based solution that is meant to target damaged skin cells and replace them with healthy ones. The company has been fine tuning their formula since it’s beginning, 37 years ago, and they have definitely found the perfect combination for gentle, natural, and effective skin care!

The pH cleanser does an amazing job at removing makeup, dirt, and oil, and I love that it is unscented. With a lot of products (especially strong ones used to target acne) unscented means bad-scented, but this one smells so fresh and natural! For the first time in a long time I actually look forward to washing my face because it leaves me feeling refreshed and clean.

The toner is equally as amazing because it picks up any dirt and makeup left behind. To use it, simply apply the product to a cotton ball and dab onto your face. I do this a couple of times until the cotton ball shows no pigment, meaning all the dirt is gone! My favorite thing about this toner is it leaves behind a minty-tingle which goes to show that it is actually working to open up pores and dig out dirt.

Next up is the moisturizer. Typically I use the mild acne lotion at night and the sunscreen enhanced moisturizer during the day. Both do an excellent job at hydrating my skin and by switching off I can get the most out of my skin care by targeting acne at night and protecting my skin during the day- win, win!




I fell in love with these products after the first use because of how gentle everything was and I noticed a change in my skin immediately! Not only was my skin hydrated and glowing, I noticed a decrease in redness and acne as well.

I will 100% be ordering more of this product once I run out, and I’ve already made a wish-list of more Dermatologist’s Choice products to try! Namely, the Pre-Bath Oil and Deep Cleaning Facial Mask. They also have anti-aging and anti-dryness products in addition to a few of the anti-acne products I tried!

If you’re as hooked as I am on this product, don’t forget to use discount code “Soulful10” at checkout for 10% off your purchase!



Although this page is sponsored all thoughts and opinions on Dermatologist’s Choice are original and truthful.

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I have a hard time changing skin products because my face doesn’t agree with a lot of products out there. Good for you taking the plunge and trying out this product. I’m happy it worked out for you.

Love always,


Team up Girl

I am always nervous about skin products as well. I’ve been struggling until couple years ago when i found Skin from Herbalife. That’s my skin saver 🙂 I like your review and I might try something different (when I am brave enough 😂)


This brand looks great! And it’s not expensive, so extra points for that! I love all things skin care! I would love to try the pH cleanser! And also, you look gorgeous on that pic! 👌🏻